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Pale Moon 28.10.0

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  • Actualización disponible: Pale Moon 28.10.0 (June 05th, 2020')


    Pale Moon es un navegador web de código abierto, basado en Goanna. Esta disponible para GNU/Linux y Windows (otros sistemas operativos en desarrollo), y se centra en la eficiencia y la personalización.

    Pale Moon ofrece una experiencia de navegación, con un navegador completamente desarrollado a partir de su propia fuente de forma independiente. Desde el código Firefox/Mozilla, con características y optimizaciones cuidadosamente seleccionadas, para mejorar la estabilidad y la experiencia de usuario. Y a la vez, permite una completa personalización, con una colección de extensiones y temas para que el navegador sea realmente tuyo.

    Pale Moon 28.10.0 tiene entre otros, los siguientes cambios:

    - This is a development, bugfix and security update.

  • Implemented URLSearchParams' sort() function.
  • Implemented ES2020 globalThis for web compatibility.
  • Improved our WebM media parser to be more tolerant to different encoding styles.
  • Improved our MP3 media parser to be more tolerant to different encoding styles and particularly tiny files/stream chunks.
  • Improved performance of table drawing for more corner cases.
  • Changed the way images without a src are handled in page layouts to align with the Chrome-pushed spec.
  • Added modern MIPS support.
  • Split out the ICU data file from xul.dll on Windows.
  • Fixed a regression in WebAudio channel handling due to a landed security fix.
  • Fixed a regression preventing scripting from properly disabling input controls.
  • Fixed an issue with border radius sometimes not being honored in tables.
  • Fixed some build issues in non-standard configurations.
  • Removed more telemetry code.
  • Removed the in-browser speech recognition engine and API
  • Removed support for the obsolete and unmaintained NVidia 3DVision stereoscopic interface.
  • Changed handling of braille blanks in the ui (CVE-2020-12409) DiD
  • Mitigated a potential timing attack against DSA keys in NSS (CVE-2020-12399)
  • Unified XUL Platform Mozilla Security Patch Summary: 1 fixed, 1 defense-in-depth, 8 not applicable.

    General note:
    * DiD This means that a fix is "Defense-in-Depth": It is a fix that does not apply to a (potentially) actively exploitable vulnerability in Pale Moon, but prevents future vulnerabilities caused by the same code, e.g. when surrounding code changes, exposing the problem, or when new attack vectors are discovered.



    Pale Moon 28.10.0 GNU/Linux-i686 (en-US).tar.xz
    SHA-256 checksum: a4bd5a736512f874c63e371c129a73ae994c923bb3a3e716465444174a1ea539
    Pale Moon 28.10.0 GNU/Linux-x86_64 (en-US).tar.xz
    SHA-256 checksum: 4c1eda3d93f4ae1c3da14212f51cf1a159d2cb79e24955b436adb011466b023e

    Pale Moon 28.10.0 Win32 (en-US).exe
    SHA-256 checksum: 46fa2ce1786c51121f20b5d2eaa14020980cfd88ae728327c3af3529c5fcb72e
    Pale Moon 28.10.0 Win32 (en-US).7z
    SHA-256 checksum: 9ade4a32e172f46b1f41ef3bab5c89e9e46d061f06c589e6b97d0739659c7241
    Pale Moon 28.10.0 Win64 (en-US).exe
    SHA-256 checksum: 538e524b5343a851750bd6fe0c95c30499675ae7de1c49433942146731adfea2
    Pale Moon 28.10.0 Win64 (en-US).7z
    SHA-256 checksum: 12b353da8c57d3b73ea61a44288d1b78f4e1f8b28854d34a4e68533e4a3b1983

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