Weekly Status Report, W17/2012

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Weekly Status Report, W17/2012

Mensajepor ElTxolo » Mar May 01, 2012 6:01 pm

Robert Kaiser escribió:
Weekly Status Report, W17/2012

Here's a short summary of Mozilla-related work I've done in week 17/2012 (April 23 - 29, 2012):

  • CSI:Mozilla / CrashKill:
    Due to a metrics datacenter move and probably a network problem, we had a couple of problems with data on Socorro this week, and needed matview backfills. I filed bugs for those and tracked them until they were fixed.
    I did some work to pull some of the arewestableyet.com data directly from the DB, and found a small problem in a view I'm using there.
    An upcoming blog post of mine, which I finished a draft version for and which should go public today or tomorrow, tries linking a generic URL for topcrash reports and I found a small problem with that as well.
    Firefox 13 entered Beta, so I kept a close eye on it - the huge topcrasher I saw immediately needed us to stop updates and probably do the next beta very soon.
    Pushed on correcting ESR throttle.
    Just like every week, watched new/rising crashes, caring that bugs are filed where needed.

  • Themes:
    Posted 2.9 versions of EarlyBlue and LCARStrek to AMO, waiting for reviews.

  • German L10n:
    More reviews for FF/TB 13 "train" work done by Archeopteryx as well as Thunderbird and Fennec 14 patches. He's doing a lot of work! :)
    Next to that, I did the central/aurora uplift on the de L10n repos for the Mozilla 14 "train", and synched core and suite (incl. chatzilla/venkman) to current trunk, incorporating review comments for mobile a11y strings.

  • Data Manager:
    Reviewed patches for click-to-play permissions and a password copying bug for SeaMonkey Data Manager.

  • Various Discussions/Topics:
    Verifying POP3 message destruction as fixed, verified fixed builds for Fennec XUL touch event breakage, Datacenter moves, WebAPI security discussions, new identity block in Firefox (return of the padlock - removal of favicon), Fennec L10n and Beta, HTML L10n, etc.
Another release and uplift week is behind us, and while the release of Firefox 12 went smoothly, getting 13 to beta showed us a grave crasher (which we are happy to catch that early and not have in release, but which causes discomfort for beta testers) - and getting the new Firefox 14 for Android to Aurora is a bit delayed as well in terms of opening the flood gates for automatic updates, but we're near. Once we have it up there, and even more when we go to beta with it (way earlier than the normal 14 beta train), we'll want a lot of people testing this on their Android phones and giving us feedback. If you have such a device with an ARMv7 processor (ARMv6 support is in the works but not complete yet), I hope you'll be among those testers!

And, as usual, please send crash reports from all your installations, we look at them and try to fix the problems, esp. if multiple people are sending reports for them! ;-)

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