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SeaMonkey 2.40 - FiNAL

Mensaje por ElTxolo » Lun Mar 14, 2016 9:51 pm

Holas! ;)

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    Actualización disponible (March 14th, 2016'): SeaMonkey 2.40

    Ewong - Blog SeaMonkey-Project escribió:

    Yes! SeaMonkey 2.40 is out.


    After so long a delay, for which we apologize, the SeaMonkey
    Project is pleased to announce the release of SeaMonkey 2.40!

    Please note that the website information, while updated for
    2.40, still requires a bit more work.

    We cannot repeat this enough. Thank you everyone for your
    patience with us. This very long delay due to infrastructure
    and resource issues has been very trying on a lot of people.

    It has been a very tough release. I think it's the
    toughest one I've done. However, this isn't to say that
    I did this alone. Kudos go to a lot of people, particularly
    the guys/gals in Mozilla's IT and RelEng dept.

    I particularly want to thank Nick Thomas for his sheer
    brilliant idea that helped me unhork the partial mar upload
    script as well as pointing out the necessary changes
    to migrate off FTP to S3.

    Thanks to Jens Hatlak for taking the time to do the Website
    patch. (Really, sorry for the delay.)

    Also, thanks to Justin Wood for giving me this opportunity
    to work out the problems myself. If you all take a look
    at bug 1233615, I think I rivaled the mess I did with
    the GTK bug (conveniently forgotten the # :P ). The
    repo changes I made... oh boy. Only time will heal
    the mess^H^H^H^H wounds. ;P

    Anyway, most of all, thanks to all the users out there
    for hanging on to this project. The words of encouragement
    (especially during the broken-hand period) definitely gave
    me a boost of energy.

    Oh. Before I forget and in the light of being transparent,
    there is a chance I might have goofed something up, especially
    during the 2.39 Win32 builds as well as the 2.40 builds and
    also the partial mar and complete mar updates. I hope I
    didn't screw things up too much, if at all (here's hoping).
    Please do post here on your findings.

    Anyway, thanks again.


    SeaMonkey 2.40 tiene los siguientes cambios, en relación a SeaMonkey 2.39



    SeaMonkey 2.40 - Win32 (en-US).exe
    SeaMonkey 2.40 - Win32 (en-US).zip
    SeaMonkey 2.40 - Win32 (es-ES).exe
    SeaMonkey 2.40 - Win32 (es-ES).zip

    SeaMonkey 2.40 - Linux-i686 (en-US).tar.gz
    SeaMonkey 2.40 - Linux-x86_64 (en-US).tar.gz (Linux-x86_64 Unofficial build - README)
    SeaMonkey 2.40 - Linux-i686 (es-ES).tar.gz

    Mac - Universal (x86/x64) builds
    SeaMonkey 2.40 - Mac (en-US).dmg
    SeaMonkey 2.40 - Mac (es-ES).dmg

    SeaMonkey 2.40 (es-ES).Langpack.xpi

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