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Pale Moon 28.2.1

Mensaje por ElTxolo » Vie Nov 16, 2018 6:45 pm

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    Actualización disponible: Pale Moon 28.2.1 (November 16th, 2018')


    Pale Moon es un navegador web de código abierto, basado en Goanna. Esta disponible para GNU/Linux y Windows (otros sistemas operativos en desarrollo), y se centra en la eficiencia y la personalización.

    Pale Moon ofrece una experiencia de navegación, con un navegador completamente desarrollado a partir de su propia fuente de forma independiente. Desde el código Firefox/Mozilla, con características y optimizaciones cuidadosamente seleccionadas, para mejorar la estabilidad y la experiencia de usuario. Y a la vez, permite una completa personalización, con una colección de extensiones y temas para que el navegador sea realmente tuyo.

    Pale Moon 28.2.0 tiene entre otros, los siguientes cambios:

    - This is a major development and bugfix release.

  • Fixed a major performance issue with web workers.
  • Fixed a rare crash on local networks with HTTP basic auth and unsupported cipher suites.
  • Fixed a performance/timer issue when leaving the browser idle.
  • Fixed an issue causing an empty dialog when launching executable files from the browser.
  • Fixed an issue preventing making entries to disallow sites to store data for off-line use.
  • Removed code to prevent extensions with binary components.
  • Fixed an issue with common dialogs being sized incorrectly for their content.
  • Fixed an issue with event handling on the tab bar that would cause frustrating behavior when trying
    to open/close tabs in rapid succession.
  • Switched default behavior for scrolling when a context or pop-up menu is open to allow scrolling, like in v27.
    This also affects scrolling in very long menus, e.g. bookmarks.
  • Added experimental Asynchronous Panning and Zooming (APZ) for desktop use.
  • Re-enabled the use and parsing of ICC v4 color profiles.
  • Removed telemetry code from the caching subsystem.
  • Improved full-screen detection for suppressing status messages.
  • Made all arguments passed to Init*Event() optional except the first for parity with other browsers.
  • Cleaned up some internal installer code.
  • Fixed making caret width configurable when dealing with CJK characters (regression).
  • Fixed drawing of table borders consistently when zooming a page (regression).
  • Exposed the "Save download location per site" pref in about:config.
  • Improved media handling (ongoing).
  • Added experimental support for AV1 in WebM videos (disabled by default).
    Note: this is for WebM only for now, so MP4 and MSE AV1 streams (e.g. YouTube) will not (yet) play.
  • Removed the (defunct and incomplete) in-browser translation code.
  • Fixed an issue with CSS Grid layouts unnecessarily shrinking element blocks.
  • Fixed notification settings menu entry (opes about:permissions with relevant data now).
  • Fixed the launching of an undesirable background content process for capturing page thumbnails.
  • Fixed a focus issue in the bookmark properties dialog.
  • Changed the setting for reporting CSS errors to the console to false by default, to prevent unnecessary
    performance loss for recording this data.
  • Added control mechanisms for Opportunistic Encryption (both for alternative services and upgrade-insecure-requests)
    in preferences, and disabled this by default due to potential security and privacy issues with this transitional technology.
  • Updated the default reported Firefox version in Firefox Compatibility Mode to prevent "too old Firefox" complaints on websites.
  • Updated libnestegg, ffvpx, reader view components and several other modules from upstream.
  • Implemented security fixes for CVE-2018-12381, CVE-2017-7797, a better fix for CVE-2018-12386 (DiD), CVE-2018-12401 (DiD), CVE-2018-12398, CVE-2018-12392, several Skia bugs, and several crashes and memory safety hazards that do not have a CVE number.

    ★ Cambios específicos en Pale Moon 28.2.1:
    • 28.2.1 - This is a bugfix release to address critical usability issues with the bookmarks/history window..

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    Pale Moon 28.2.1 GNU/Linux-i686 (en-US).tar.bz2
    SHA-256 checksum: a3eb8805bbb5967ce6c4c5d6f2b08bbc72da42f7e9cfc172a863d251f0a83f06
    Pale Moon 28.2.1 GNU/Linux-x86_64 (en-US).tar.bz2
    SHA-256 checksum: 85a8644192c6d3c9e1801e5cabc6893a4380d75290ef3fe978a592481919a4e3

    Pale Moon 28.2.1 Win32 (en-US).exe
    SHA-256: 910d8d063fe6c507758576dac2292b0611c506e5494825015e1e53bcb46a29dc
    Pale Moon 28.2.1 Win32 (en-US).zip
    SHA-256: ef87f3ed9d67ddb76a357f38591156085085e8db7ba203ee6525c3717d71780c
    Pale Moon 28.2.1 Win64 (en-US).exe
    SHA-256: 603e7de38682bb1afbee8dd064be18e38ff163ff5dffdc9866f2b0ceb4d2c1a3
    Pale Moon 28.2.1 Win64 (en-US).zip
    SHA-256: e38eebe5bd682848169df8393515eb5f8e92af79406aeeeaefa47b3f247a6331

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